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suffer about 75% of all
injuries in crashes involving
commercial trucks."

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) are by far the most important and comprehensive body of trucking laws. Violation of one or more of the FMCSR may relieve an injured truck crash victim of having to prove negligence. A decision to violate a FMSCR may justify an award of punitive damages.

The FMCSRs apply to trucks affecting interstate commerce. As more states adopt regulations mirroring the FMCSRs, importance of the interstate commerce question lessens. Nonetheless, should a state law conflict with an FMCSR and the FMCSR imposes a higher standard of care, the FMCSR will override (“pre-empt”) state law.

Find important information on Oregon’s exceptions to federal safety regulations for intrastate (within Oregon) operations.