"Lane County Oregon has
more than twice the number
drivers tested positive
of truck crashes than any
county in the state."

Lawyer Richard H. Rizk — "Helping Everyday People, Every Day"

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Catastrophic Claim Specialist: Lawyer Richard H. Rizk

Rizk Law Portland OregonLosses caused by trucking are most frequently paid by one or more insurance companies. Mr. Rizk knows how large loss claim managers evaluate claims because he resolved disaster claims nationally for Nationwide Insurance from 1996-2000. Since then, he helps everyday people seriously injured or disabled in roadway crashes as owner and principal attorney at Rizklaw, Inc. Richard H. Rizk is the right attorney to help you maximize truck injury and death claims.

A primary focus of Mr. Rizk is maximizing insurance coverage for the truck crash loss. Truck crash claims present unique opportunities for high recovery because:

  1. Truck accident claims usually involve several potentially responsible parties: the driver, the trucking company, the loader, mechanic, truck owner and the truck trailer owner, for example. Each potentially responsible party will almost always be covered under one or more insurance policies.
  2. As reported by the National Transportation Bureau in 1990, trucker drug / alcohol use and fatigue are major factors in trucking accidents. As a result, punitive damages (damages to punish) may be available for some truck crash victims.; and,
  3. Trucking liability policies are unique in that they cannot be immediately or easily cancelled. As a consequence, multiple policies covering the same defendant may be triggered as a result of a single truck crash.

Richard also realizes insurers’ strategies to minimize coverage. Relying on the “other insurance” policy exclusion and truck leasing agreements are two insurer strategies to avoid payment in the truck crash context. The other common strategy Richard sees is trucking companies and insurers who attempt to secure evidence to avoid a fair and complete investigation.

Mr. Rizk appreciates the importance of prompt and complete truck crash investigation. Truck crash investigations require expert:

  • Consideration of carrier compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Evaluation of the trucker’s paper or electronic logbook to rule out driver fatigue as a cause;
  • Brake inspection and brake force analysis;
  • Skid mark analysis;
  • Fire source determination; and,
  • Truck Load & Stability Testing

Trucking companies routinely send their investigators and attorneys to truck crash sites. Don’t let the only story by the one produced by trucking companies and their insurers. Contact Richard H. Rizk on his private mobile line 503.893.4114 day or night should you or family members fall victim to a truck crash. Mr. Rizk can also be reached at rich@rizklaw.com.